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Avoiding bill shock with electricity and gas meter self-reads

Australian families and small businesses are being empowered to negotiate with their power company following a determination made by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) to give customers the right to ask their energy retailer to adjust an inaccurate bill based on the customer's own reading of their meter.

25 October 2018Taylor
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A fair deal on energy

Australian families and businesses will save hundreds of dollars a year off their power bills, thanks to action being taken today by the Morrison Government.

23 October 2018Taylor
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Electric vehicles get ultra-rapid charging network

Electric vehicles will soon have access to an ultra-rapid charging network along the major driving routes from Brisbane to Adelaide, including around Sydney and Melbourne, and separately in Western Australia.

22 October 2018Taylor
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Hydrogen: renewable power to gas facility

The Australian Government is supporting an Australian-first trial of a renewable hydrogen-powered electricity generation facility in Western Sydney.

22 October 2018Taylor
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Home Battery Scheme reducing South Australian energy bills

The Australian Government is helping the South Australian Government deliver on its commitment to provide more affordable and reliable energy for all South Australians.

19 October 2018Taylor
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Creating energy from waste in Western Australia

Western Australian families and small businesses will benefit from reliable, baseload energy produced by the state’s first large-scale energy from waste plant thanks to support provided by the Australian Government.

18 October 2018Taylor
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New energy rule to curb bill shock

Gas and electricity retailers will be required to notify customers of price changes at least five days before they take effect as a result of a new rule following a final determination made by the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) today.

27 September 2018Taylor
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Statement on appointment as Minister for Energy

As Minister for Energy I will be working hard to deliver lower power prices for Australians. It is a simple truth that Australians should not pay high prices for their power, when we have cheap energy sources in Australia, compared to elsewhere in the world.

28 August 2018Taylor


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