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$3 million for Koala hospitals

Koala rescue and medical services in South East Queensland have received $3 million in support funding as bushfires highlight the threats facing our native wildlife.

10 December 2019Ley
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Helping our wildlife recover from bushfires

I have asked a meeting of Koala experts and on-ground practitioners in Brisbane tomorrow to urgently identify key  priorities for Koala habitats in northern NSW and southern Queensland arising from

20 November 2019Ley
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Court delivers prison sentence for wildlife smuggler

The NSW District Court has delivered a clear warning to potential wildlife smugglers with the sentencing of a man to 15 months imprisonment for attempting to smuggle native lizards to Hong Kong in ‘chip’ containers and children’s toys.

15 November 2019Ley
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Delivering a win-win for our environment and our agricultural communities

The Morrison government has announced a key milestone in the creation of a 140,000 hectare ‘Great Southern Ark’ that will protect native species and benefit local farming communities.

6 November 2019Ley
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Funding to secure future of rare Norfolk Island birds

The Australian Government has delivered more than $400,000 to help secure the future of two of Australia’s most threatened bird species.

18 October 2019Ley
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Celebrating World Migratory Bird Day

World Migratory Bird Day highlights both the fragile wonder of bird migration and the critical importance of local environmental action to protect habitats and reduce the threat of plastics.

12 October 2019Ley
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Australia to pursue domestic ivory ban

Australia has addressed the meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in Geneva, formally announcing our intention to close the domestic trade of elephant ivory and rhino horn.

22 August 2019Ley
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A state emblem with national priority - the Leadbeater’s possum

Today I am taking decisive and informed action in relation to our country’s threatened plants and animals.

24 June 2019Ley
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National Feral Cat Management Survey now open

The Australian Government is pleased to invite Australia’s land managers to participate in the National Feral Cat Management Survey.

25 July 2018Price
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Saving one of our rarest plants

A project led by Parks Australia will see new seed orchards constructed at Booderee National Park and the Australian National Botanic Gardens, to secure the future of one of Australia's rarest plants, the Banksia vincentia.

25 July 2018Price
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No goat zone: Kangaroo Island now feral goat free

For the first time in nearly 200 hundred years, Kangaroo Island is free from feral goats.

12 June 2018Price
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Teaching detector dogs new tricks

The Australian Government, in partnership with the Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species Ltd (FAME), is investing in a pioneering project to help fight extinction and protect our native species.

25 May 2018Price


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