Keynote speech to the Society of Plastic Engineers, The future of plastics and the circular economy conference

Circular economy, waste and recycling, recycled content and products, jobs, plastics, election commitments, product stewardship, Pacific Ocean Litter Project.

21 November 2019Evans

Keynote speech to Australian Packaging Convenant Organisation (APCO) 2019 Annual Awards

Assistant Minister's speech at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre about waste reduction, domestic recycling industry, and national packaging targets.

20 November 2019Evans

Keynote speech to Australasian Waste and Recycling Expo 2019 - Australia's Recycling Future

Waste and recycling, election commitments, waste export ban, Meeting of Environment Ministers, domestic recycling industry, jobs, circular economy, government procurement, waste action plan, single use plastics, industry-led approaches, national packaging targets, phase-out of plastic microbeads, product stewardship schemes, environmental benefits.

31 October 2019Evans
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