Keeping a close watch on energy data for consumer savings

Media release

19 December 2019

The Liberal National Government is supporting the development of a consumer-facing energy data hub, ‘My Energy Marketplace’, that will give greater visibility over consumers’ energy use.

Approximately 5,000 households and businesses, and 250 schools will be invited to have Wattwatchers smart energy devices installed to monitor energy use in real time. Customers will be able to access their own energy use and generation data to achieve energy savings, household bill reductions and optimise their use of rooftop solar generation.

Through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), the Government is providing $2.7 million in funding to support a three-year, $8 million trial led by Sydney clean tech company Wattwatchers.

ARENA’s funding will contribute to offering the devices at a discount to customers across Australia.

Home owners, businesses and schools will be able to choose to share their data with third parties including the Australian Energy Market Operator and distribution networks. This will give better visibility of the behaviour and growth of distributed energy resources like rooftop solar and batteries.

Through a consumer-friendly app, consumers will also be able to participate in demand response programs that lower energy costs and support the grid by reducing energy consumption at times of peak demand.

The Government is focused on delivering more affordable energy for Australian households. This initiative will better inform consumers, industry and Government on household and business energy usage while putting customers back in charge.

For more information on the Government’s framework on energy and emissions reduction visit

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction