Visit to Spain for United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25)

Media release

7 December 2019

From 7–11 December, I will travel to represent Australia’s interests at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid.

At COP25, Australia will work to ensure the strong and credible implementation of the Paris Agreement, as part of a global solution to a global problem.

We will strive to finalise the outstanding elements of the Paris Rulebook and demonstrate to the world the real and meaningful action Australia is taking to reduce emissions.

We have a track record of which all Australians can be proud: we have beaten our first Kyoto target and are on track to overachieve on our 2020 target by 411 Mt CO2-e.

Australia’s emissions have also fallen to the lowest level since 2015-16 and are lower than when the Coalition came into Government in 2013, despite huge growth in emissions-intensive exports like LNG. These exports are lowering global emissions by up to 159 Mt CO2-e a year by displacing more emissions-intensive fuels overseas.

The Government’s Climate Solutions Package also maps out, to the last tonne, how we will achieve our 2030 Paris target more than a decade ahead of time.

By working with our international partners and taking strong domestic action, the Australian Government will continue to deliver reliable, affordable energy and address the challenges of climate change while ensuring a strong economy.

Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction