Threatened Species

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Funding to secure future of rare Norfolk Island birds

The Australian Government has delivered more than $400,000 to help secure the future of two of Australia’s most threatened bird species.

18 October 2019Ley
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Steps we can take to save our threatened species

Australia’s domestic cat owners can help save 61 million birds and 53 million reptiles by marking today’s Threatened Species Day with a resolve to ensure responsible pet management.

7 September 2019Ley
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Australia's strong voice against illegal wildlife trade

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora has ended its three-yearly conference in Geneva overnight ratifying a number of key proposals championed by Australia during the two week meeting.

29 August 2019Ley
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Statement on ongoing sale of meat from endangered sei whales

Yesterday, on the eve of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora 18th Conference of the Parties, I had my department seek an unambiguous commitment from Japan to address the ongoing sale of endangered sei whale meat on the Japanese domestic market.

17 August 2019Ley
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Threatened Species Listings

Having carefully considered recommendations made by Australia’s Threatened Species Scientific Committee, the Threatened Species List has been updated to reflect all listings I have received for review to date.

28 June 2019Ley
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A state emblem with national priority - the Leadbeater’s possum

Today I am taking decisive and informed action in relation to our country’s threatened plants and animals.

24 June 2019Ley
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Saving one of our rarest plants

A project led by Parks Australia will see new seed orchards constructed at Booderee National Park and the Australian National Botanic Gardens, to secure the future of one of Australia's rarest plants, the Banksia vincentia.

25 July 2018Price
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New plan for threats caused by marine debris

I am delighted to announce that I have authorised a new Threat Abatement Plan for the impacts of marine debris on the vertebrate wildlife of Australia’s coasts and oceans.

27 June 2018Price
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No goat zone: Kangaroo Island now feral goat free

For the first time in nearly 200 hundred years, Kangaroo Island is free from feral goats.

12 June 2018Price
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Teaching detector dogs new tricks

The Australian Government, in partnership with the Foundation for Australia's Most Endangered Species Ltd (FAME), is investing in a pioneering project to help fight extinction and protect our native species.

25 May 2018Price
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Funding boost to continue fight against extinction

The Australian Government today announced another eight projects to fight extinction under its Threatened Species Recovery Fund.

25 May 2018Price
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Saving the critically endangered Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby

The future of the Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby — one of Australia's most critically endangered animals — looks much brighter today following the announcement of a $650,000 initiative to support its reintroduction into the wild.

25 May 2018Price


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